"Meeting the Masters at Carnegie Hall or Theatre des Champs-Élysees is a privilege. To witness their performance at Manasterly is a unique experience." Ramzi Yassa, Artistic Director of the International Music Center

Since 2002, the International Music Centre, with help from the Culture Development Fund, has given a variety of concerts. Each concert is not only an opportunity to indulge in music played by creme de la creme musicians but a chance to listen to them at the backdrop of deeply attractive surroundings.


Over the past few years, the International Music Centre gained a remarkable reputation through the quality of its concerts and rich programmes.  The main location housing Center's concerts is Manasterly Palace located on Rhoda Island, Manial.

Ramzi Yassa        Neveen El Kilany         Mohamed Saleh

Artistic Director      General Coordinator       Artistic Supervisor

Welcome to our Fourteenth season at The Arabic Music Institute, 22 Ramsis st. Downtown . Please join us for our December concert. , Claudio Constantini,   Pianist  and  Bandoneon player from PERU will play on both instruments works for Debussy, Bach, Satie and Chopin on SundayDecember 7th2014 at 8:00 PM